Is Lenovo Legion 5 Worth Buying in India February 2024?

November 22, 2022

Is Lenovo Legion 5 Worth Buying in India February 2024?

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Review Specifications for the Lenovo Legion 5 AMD Ryzen7 7

It features a sleek design, an 15.6-inch IPS screen with Full HD resolution, a refresh rate at 165Hz, 16GB RAM, a SSD of 512GB, and a five hour battery life, all for PS1299.

Is Lenovo Legion 5 Worth Buying in India?

These specs are good for the price and are on par with some of the best and least expensive gaming laptops we’ve tested recently. So let us read more about Is Lenovo Legion 5 Worth Buying in India?


  • It is well-built and looks great.
  • There are many ports to choose from
  • Trackpad and keyboard that you can feel

The Lenovo Legion 5 is a great laptop for gaming. The stylish, blue shell is made from metal and plastic so it feels sturdy when held.

This Lenovo gaming laptop doesn’t shout its purpose like other laptops that have lots of RGB lighting. This ultrabook looks more like an ultrabook than a regular gaming machine.

The screen is 15.6 inches in size, giving you plenty of space to play video games. The sides feature thin bezels that give it a modern look.

The panel can also be laid flat, as it can be flipped up. This is useful if more than one person needs to see the same thing on the screen.

According to this article, Is Lenovo Legion 5 Worth Buying in India? This and the stylish design made it one of my favorite gaming laptops.

The Legion 5 weighs in at 2.4kg, as it was designed for gaming. This laptop was too heavy to transport around without a bag or sleeves.

Its speakers are very loud and good value for money. They worked as well as other Lenovo laptops for playing the same games.

Gunfire was strong enough to keep games interesting. There was enough variety in tones and details to be able to hear the online chatter from over the firefights. Dolby Atmos support made the sound even more immersive, especially for gaming.


  • Full HD displays can be good, but not great.
  • Games will run smoothly with a refresh rate at 165Hz.
  • 300 nits brightness is quite good.

The Lenovo Legion 5‘s 15.6 inch screen has a Full HD resolution, which is quite standard. It’s great for gaming because you can see enough detail. However, I was surprised to discover that it is also great for everyday use, thanks to its large screen.

The screen’s 300-nit brightness is sufficient, but its black levels aren’t as good. This means that it can’t show deep blacks or sharp contrasts. It can be interactive when I watch Netflix movies.

As such, this article is titled Is Lenovo Legion 5 Worth Buying in India?. The colors are vibrant and not too faded. It was also helpful to have a refresh rate of 165Hz. If the GPU can produce a high frame rate, gameplay should look smoother.

It isn’t as good as cheaper laptops, but I did not like the 1080p settlement. When we tested it, the 16-inch 2K screen of the HP Omen 16 (2021), looked sharper.


  • An AMD core performs well.
  • It works well with new games.
  • SSD moves pretty quickly.

The Legion 5’s performance is excellent for its price, thanks to the all-ANDz setup inside. It is powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor with eight cores. This makes it simple to perform both complex and simple tasks such as editing or gaming.

This shows how powerful Ryzen processors can be for their price and that they can handle nearly any task. The processor’s high Geekbench 5, and PCMark 10, scores are a good example of this.

There were times when Legion 5‘s loud fans were too annoying. This is something you should consider if you plan to use your laptop in areas with a lot of people.

This is why it’s worth buying in India. It was able to keep the heat in, however. The laptop was comfortable even when it was running multiple tasks at once. The laptop was quiet enough to handle simple tasks with one thread.

SSD read and write speeds are comparable. These speed determine how fast you can download or load a file or play a game. I was able to read at 2638.8 MB/s and write at 1644.32 Mb/s during our tests. These laptops are faster than the best gaming laptops but still very good.

It performed well and the games loaded quickly. However, 512GB is not enough space if you plan to install many games or run intensive programs that take a lot. Before I needed an external SSD, I was able to install only four large games.

Battery Life

  • 8 hours and 23 mins in the benchmarks
  • Can last for a whole day

To test battery life, we dimm the screen and run PCMark 10 benchmark to simulate office work. The Legion 5 was able to last 8 hours and 23 mins in this test. This is a good result compared with other cars. This laptop is fine for work, even if it’s charged a few times throughout the day.

Gaming: The Legion 5 was able to last less than three hours at full brightness.

Conclusion: Is Lenovo Legion 5 Worth Buying in India February 24?

According to this article, Is Lenovo Legion5 AMD Ryzen7 Worth Buying in India The new Lenovo Legion 5 gaming laptop is affordable and does many things well. It has two AMD cores which is quite unusual but it allows you to play great games and provides excellent performance for both easy and hard tasks.

Gaming laptops can last for up to a day without needing to charge. The variety of ports allows you to connect in many different ways.

Although the screen of the Legion 5 is good for its price, it can feel a bit old-fashioned due to the fact that other laptops have 2K QHD panels which make games look better.

You should consider other options if the Legion 5 is too heavy for you. It can also get quite loud when gaming. This concludes our discussion on Is Lenovo Legion 5 Worth Buying in India?