Is HP Laserjet Printer Worth Buying in India February 24?

November 22, 2022

Is HP Laserjet Printer Worth Buying in India February 24?

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HP Laserjet MFP 136nw Printer Review

It also makes a fantastic printing partner when you purchase this HP Laser 136nw Wireless Black and White inter laserjet printer on the internet. Find the high-quality you’re searching for Is HP Laserjet Printer Worth Buying in India?

Is HP Laserjet Printer Worth Buying in India?

So, Is HP Laserjet Worth Buying in India?

You can expect consistently excellent prints from this tiny printer. It’s great for home use. up the 21-page in a Minute (ppm) (black). The monthly duty cycle for letters can reach 10,000 pages. Let us learn more about Is HP Laserjet Printer Worth Buying in India??

The printer is small enough that it can be placed virtually everywhere. It is possible to use all the great features available when you purchase this printer. HP Laser the 136nw Wireless Black & White Multifunction Laserjet Printer.

With this printer for less it is possible to get the quality you expect and crisp prints. Print quickly and quickly with this printer that is a perfect fit for your work space.

It is able to print, scan, or create copies. It also supports wifi. It also comes with Fast Ethernet 10/100Base-Tx and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ports. Also, it supports different languages to support SPL Print. Lasers are used for printing.

Offers Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print mobile Apps, Mopria Certified, and wifi Direct having to print support.

As per this is Is HP Laserjet Printer Worth Buying in India? article, the HP Laser MFP 136nw prints excellent prints, and doesn’t require connecting to networks print. It is possible to use the MFP at home as well as in the office. It’s an excellent option for offices of all sizes.

The cost of the HP laser MFP 136nw printer is affordable enough that anyone can afford one. Here are some information about the HP 136nw printer:

HP Laserjet 136nw WiFi Printer

Its HP Laser MFP 136nW printing can print documents in the shortest amount of time while creating a stunning appearance. With speeds that is 20 PPM it is able to complete any printing job.

Print or copy and scan on this printer. Furthermore, it’s simple to print without the use of a network. Its HP Laserjet 136nw printer can print 10,000 pages a month.

Additionally, it reduces space and is compact enough to be able to fit within your office or home. With Direct wifi and USB 2.0 High-Speed along with Ethernet connections, you are able to quickly print, scan, and even make copies using your tablet, phone, and many other devices.

This printer is cheap and provides the high-quality you’d expect as well as crisp dark text.

  • After page after page this printer’s performance is top-quality and is quite surprising considering the size of this printer.
  • Print quickly and effortlessly quickly and easily with the MFP designed to fit your workstation as if it were an apex.
  • The Multifunction Printer (MFP) is tiny and compact enough for virtually anywhere.
  • Print, scan, or copy from virtually any location, and setting up is simple on your smartphone.
  • HP Smart mobile app HP Smart mobile app makes the process of setting up simple, you can print or scan directly from your smartphone.

As per thIs Is HP Laserjet Printer Worth Buying in India? article, printer with active security. They are only compatible using cartridges with chips manufactured by HP. Cartridges that have chips made by companies different from HP could not work as well, and cartridges that function now may not be able to work in the near future.

  • A4 Laser Black and White Multifunction Printer, Suitable to print at home, copy and Scan
  • Speed of printing up to 21 per minute (black)
  • USB, Ethernet, wifi

Printer on a Budget To Meet Your Printing Demands:

  • Copy or scan and print
  • Create positive change.
  • Your smartphone is able to print, copy and copy.
  • Printing is easy even without networks.
  • This MFP can be used virtually anyplace. Small and compact
  • Direct wifi, the high speed USB 2.0 and Ethernet connections
  • Design that helps save space
  • 100 sheets go into 100 sheets are released. The duty cycle is 10,000 pages.
  • up to 21/20 ppm (letter/A4) is possible to print.
  • Guarantee for one year


Printer on a Budget for Your Printing Needs:

  • Find an MFP that works well and doesn’t cost too much.
  • Print or scan and copy with excellent results. You you can even scan and print on your mobile device.
  • Top-of-the-line mobile app HP Smart App is the best mobile app in its category. HP Smart App is the most effective in its field.
  • Download the application to manage your printer.
  • It’s the HP Smart app, it’s simple to set up and allows you to print, scan and copy right from your mobile.
  • If you connect through WiFi or Ethernet and you’re all prepared to print directly on your smartphone.
  • The Most Popular App In This Class HP Smart App
  • Direct wifi lets you connect your smartphone or tablet directly to your printer, so you can print even without a network.
  • Connection that Works Printing is easy with a wide range of smartphones and tablets.
  • Share resources: Use the wireless network, Ethernet networking, and Direct WIFI to print and connect.
  • Compact design Multifunction printer (MFP) is tiny and compact, meaning you can place it wherever you want.
  • Key specifications: Wireless Direct wireless USB 2.0 Print, Copy and Scan High-speed internet access
  • Ethernet Space saving design 150 sheets were delivered, and 100 sheets were discarded. Duty Cycle – 10000 pages
  • Print and scan while on the move using HP Smart, the HP Smart app, you can print, scan and copy directly from your mobile.
  • Additionally, you can share your files using third-party software such as Dropbox or Google Drive.


  • All-in-one (Print, scan, copy)
  • Space-saving design
  • Let good things happen.
  • Connectivity to WiFi
  • It’s not heavy at all.


  • No auto duplex printing

Conclusion – Is HP Laserjet Printer Worth Buying in India?

The printer is equipped with similar features and appearances that we have discussed previously. HP 136nw is able to connect to WiFi, however the HP 136w isn’t equipped with this feature.

In order to connect to WiFi then you must opt for the more affordable HP 136nw. This concludes the discussion of Is HP Laserjet Printer Worth Buying in India?